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ThermaCoil the new name in Thermal Stores

The Plumbing Group have developed a range of innovative ThermaCoil’s Cylinders, open vented thermal stores providing mains pressure hot water which is heated by electric immersion heaters (direct), or by an external gas, oil or electric flow boiler (indirect). The unit is free from building control requirements and could be sited anywhere in the dwelling, it requires no annual servicing.

Incoming mains cold water passes through a high-efficiency heat exchanger coil where it was heated by the thermal store and then distributed to all hot water outlets via the thermostatic blending valve. The hot water and mains cold water are mixed at the blending valve to achieve the desired temperature. The temperature is adjusted by the installer, as required, using the blending valve. The blending valve is fail safe in the event of a mains water supply failure.

The direct electrical unit is designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency with the thermal store being heated overnight (via the bottom off peak immersion heater) using the low price ‘off-peak’ tariff. The top immersion heater (used for daytime ‘Boost’) is fitted directly underneath the coils allowing for fast recovery during peak electricity periods. This ‘Boost’ heater is user controlled and would be manually operated.

Our cylinders are manufactured in the England utilising the latest innovative robotic welding technology and rigid quality control procedures our cylinders will provide trouble free operation over many years.

Stripping our designs back to basics has had numerous advantages for both installer and home owner which was the dual goal we wanted to achieve.

Coming from an installer background we wanted to ensure that our products are easy to install, repair, and maintain as well as user friendly.

At the same time, we wanted to offer a product to the customer which was cost effective, and reliable which we have achieved not only through less parts to fail in the future but by offering a long life cylinder warranties, up to 25-years.


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