ThermaCoil Cylinder Group

ThermaCoil the new name in cylinders

The Plumbing Group in conjunctions with Fabdec have developed a range of innovative ThermaCoil’s Cylinders, our range includes stainless steel unvented cylinders, vented cylinders, thermal stores, bespoke cylinders, renewables and commercial cylinders.

Our cylinders are manufactured in the England utilising the latest innovative robotic welding technology and rigid quality control procedures our cylinders will provide trouble free operation over many years.

Stripping our designs back to basics has had numerous advantages for both installer and home owner which was the dual goal we wanted to achieve.

Coming from an installer background we wanted to ensure that our products are easy to install, repair, and maintain as well as user friendly.

At the same time, we wanted to offer a product to the customer which was cost effective, and reliable which we have achieved not only through less parts to fail in the future but by offering a long life cylinder warranties, up to 25-years.


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