ThermaCoil Cylinder Group

The Plumbing Group Ltd in conjunctions with Fabdec Ltd have developed a range of ThermaCoil’s, a thermal store that is capable of delivering mains pressure hot water without the requirement of discharge pipework, manufactured from high corrosion resistant stainless steel. The ThermaCoil utilizes off peak electricity and has been specifically designed to be used in apartment blocks.

Benefits of a ThermaCoil

TMV 2 & TMV 3 approved
Provides main pressure hot water
Maximises the benefit of available off-peak electricity tariffs
No annual maintenance or safety check requirement
No discharge pipework
No risk of legionella
Inherently safe open vented cylinder
No G3 qualification requirement for installation

The main feature of the ThermaCoil is that hot water can be supplied directly from the mains at conventional flow rates without the need for temperature and pressure relief safety valves. This is achieved by passing the mains water through the internal heat exchangers situated inside the thermal store. The outlet temperature of the domestic hot water is maintained by a thermostatic blending valve.

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